SHARE Search Tips

There are two ways to search the SHARE database: basic and advanced.

Basic search tips

If you enter a single term in the search field (e.g., "PrEP") results will be displayed according to relevance or year.

If you want to refine your search further, you can add an item from any of the drop-down menus. For example, combining "PrEP" in the search field with "Biomedical interventions" from the Prevention, Engagement and Care Cascade will narrow your results.

Advanced search tips

In Advanced Search, you can expand your search to more than one term.

For example, you can search by article title and author at the same time, or use "and" and "or" combinations. If you wanted to search HIV-related neurocognitive disorders, you could search "neurocognitive" in the title field OR "HAND" in the title field OR "dementia" in the title field.

Using the drop down menus, you can also combine as many fields as you wish. Tip: Within each of the four columns, the search operates on an "or" basis (e.g., women OR prisoners). Between columns, the search operates on an AND basis (e.g., women AND testing AND financial arrangements).

Search tip: If you are using the drop down menus, clear your search by using the "clear all" key.

Emailing search results

You can email search results one of two ways.

Emailing multiple results: After conducting a search, you can click the titles that you want and send these results as a batch by clicking the "Send to" button:

Emailing a single result You can send a single result by clicking the "Send to" button at the top of the page:

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Last updated: August 2020