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Communicable diseases prevalence among refugees and asylum seekers: Systematic review and meta-analysis


BACKGROUND: Communicable diseases remain a significant global health issue. The increase in refugees and asylum seekers associated with conflicts may alter the burden of communicable diseases in host countries. We...

HIV prevalence ratio of international migrants compared to their native-born counterparts: A systematic review and meta-analysis


Background: People on the move, including international migrants, may face health inequities that expose them to a higher risk for HIV than native-born populations. We conducted a systematic review to calculate...

Men of refugee and migrant backgrounds in Australia: A scoping review of sexual and reproductive health research


Australia’s National Men’s Health Strategy 2020–2030 identifies refugee and migrant men from culturally and lingustically diverse backgrounds as priority groups for sexual and reproductive health (SRH) interventions. The paucity of...

Post-immigration factors affecting retention in HIV care and viral suppression in Latin American and Caribbean immigrant populations in the United States: A systematic review


Objectives: To reduce disparities in HIV care outcomes among Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) immigrants living with HIV in the U.S., it is necessary to identify factors influencing HIV care in...

Structural determinants of HIV/STI prevalence, HIV/STI/sexual and reproductive health access, and condom use among immigrant sex workers globally


OBJECTIVE: Given stark health inequities among precarious and criminalized workers, we aimed to apply a structural determinants framework to systematically review evidence on HIV/sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevalence, access to...

A review of cultural influences on risk for HIV and culturally-responsive risk mitigation strategies among African immigrants in the US


There is a paucity of research on HIV risk factors and risk reduction among African immigrants living in the US. This is despite the fact that the literature on HIV...

Overview of systematic reviews on strategies to improve treatment initiation, adherence to antiretroviral therapy and retention in care for people living with HIV: Part 1


OBJECTIVES: We sought to map the evidence and identify interventions that increase initiation of antiretroviral therapy, adherence to antiretroviral therapy and retention in care for people living with HIV at...

How effective are approaches to migrant screening for infectious diseases in Europe? A systematic review


Rates of migration to Europe, and within Europe, have increased in recent years, with considerable implications for health systems. Migrants in Europe face a disproportionate burden of tuberculosis, HIV, and...

What works? Prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne viruses in migrants from sub-Saharan Africa, northeast Asia and southeast Asia living in high-income countries: A systematic review


Migration is a significant risk factor for the acquisition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B virus (HBV) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). An increasing proportion of these infections...

Preventing sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBIs) among sex workers: A critical review of the evidence on determinants and interventions in high-income countries


BACKGROUND: Across diverse regions globally, sex workers continue to face a disproportionate burden of HIV and other sexually transmitted and blood borne infections (STBBIs). Evidence suggests that behavioural and biomedical...

Effects of migration on risky sexual behavior and HIV acquisition in South Africa: A systematic review and meta-analysis, 2000-2017


While human mobility has been implicated in fueling the HIV epidemic in South Africa, the link between migration and HIV has not been systematically reviewed and quantified. We conducted a...

Top 10 languages for translation of immigration information documents in Ontario


Key take-home messages Languages recommended for translation (12): French Spanish Chinese – traditional Tamil Urdu Vietnamese Gujarati Korean Portuguese Punjabi Bengali Hindi

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