Efficacy and safety of boosted darunavir-based antiretroviral therapy in HIV-1-positive patients: Results from a meta-analysis of clinical trials


Darunavir/ritonavir (DRV/r) is a second-generation protease inhibitor used in treatment-naive and -experienced HIV-positive adult patients. To evaluate efficacy and safety in these patient settings, we performed a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. We considered eight studies involving 4240 antiretroviral treatment (ART)-naive patients and 14 studies involving 2684 ART-experienced patients. Regarding efficacy in the ART-naive patients, the virological response rate was not significantly different between DRV/r and the comparator. For the ART-experienced failing patients, the virological response rate was significantly higher with DRV/r than with the comparator (RR 1.45, 95% CI: 1.01-2.08); conversely, no significant differences were found between the treatment-experienced and virologically controlled DRV/r and comparator groups. Regarding safety, the discontinuation rates due to adverse events (AEs) and DRV/r-related serious adverse events (SAEs) did not significantly differ from the rates in the comparator group (RR 0.84, 95% CI: 0.59-1.19 and RR 0.78, 95% CI: 0.57-1.05, respectively). Our meta-analysis indicated that DRV/r-based regimens were effective and tolerable for both types of patients, which was consistent with published data


Antinori A, Lazzarin A, Uglietti A, Palma M, Mancusi D, Termini R




  • Population(s)
    • General HIV+ population
  • Engagement and Care Cascade
    • Treatment


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