Impact of victimization on the health of men who have sex with men


Key take-home messages
  • Men who have sex with men who have been victimized report high rates of unprotected anal sex and other HIV risk behaviours.
  • Sexual minority adults who have experienced victimization report higher rates of self-harm, suicidal ideation and suicide attempts. Among older HIV-positive men, victimization has also been linked to lower mental and physical health-related quality of life.
  • While victimization does not seem to affect adherence to antiretroviral therapy, it has been shown to affect the decision to initiate treatment. Men with HIV who had been victimized and who had not yet initiated treatment had more concerns about treatment.


The Ontario HIV Treatment Network: Rapid Response Service




  • Determinants of Health
    • Abuse
  • Population(s)
    • Men who have sex with men
    • General HIV+ population
    • General HIV- population
  • Engagement and Care Cascade
    • Treatment
  • Prevention
    • Sexual risk behaviour
  • Substance Use
    • Nonmedicinal drugs
  • Mental Health
    • Depression


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