Mental health status of women and families infected and affected by HIV/AIDS


Key take-home messages
  • Evidence-based interventions are needed to support women living with HIV/AIDS to develop effective parenting skills for their children.
  • Due to the disproportionate burden of depression on women who are
    infected with HIV, there is a need to incorporate mental health services as an integral component of HIV care.
  • Future research is necessary to assess how the mental health of women
    living with HIV affects their parenting skills and ability to provide for their families.
  • Mental health professionals need continuing professional education in HIV/AIDS issues.
  • Children living with parents who are HIV positive are “at heightened risks for emotional and behavioral disorders”. Health providers and social workers need to focus on the mental health needs of these children.


The Ontario HIV Treatment Network: Rapid Response Service




  • Determinants of Health
    • Social support
  • Population(s)
    • Women
    • Children or Youth (less than 18 years old)
    • General HIV+ population
    • General HIV- population
  • Mental Health
    • Depression


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