Risk factors for HIV infection among adolescents and the youth: A systematic review


OBJECTIVE: to identify and analyze HIV infection risk factors among adolescents and the youth. METHOD: this is a systematic review whose guide question is: what are the risk factors for HIV infection among adolescents and the youth?” In total, five databases and Google Scholar were searched in December 2021 and the found publications between 2012–2022 were filtered without language restriction. Studies were selected by two independent reviewers. The included materials were subjected to methodological quality evaluation and narrative synthesis. RESULTS: overall, we included seven studies out of the 26,191 retrieved. All studies were conducted in Africa. We found that the female gender, older age, low schooling, Black ethnicity, multiple sexual partners, inconsistent use of condoms, alcohol consumption, and early sexual onset constituted risk factors for HIV infection in adolescents and the youth. CONCLUSION: understanding risk factors underscores the provision of health policies and intervention strategies to strengthen the responsiveness of health services and nursing teams’ care to reduce HIV transmission among adolescents and the youth. (1) Our knowledge synthesis contributes to the care provided in health services. (2) The main factors for HIV are related to risk behaviors. (3) Our results point to the purpose of health policies to prevent HIV. (4) IWe assessed the importance of different social actors and management bodies to cope with HIV. (5) This study strengthens the role of nursing in preventing HIV transmission.


Bossonario PA, Ferreira MRL, Andrade RLP, Sousa KDL, Bonfim RO, Saita NM, Monroe AA




  • Population(s)
    • Children or Youth (less than 18 years old)
    • General HIV+ population


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