The role of inflammasome activation in early HIV infection


The inflammasome pathway is an important arm of the innate immune system that provides antiviral immunity against many viruses. The main pathways involved in virus infections include the NLRP3, IFI16, and AIM2 pathways. However, a succinct understanding of its role in HIV is not yet well elucidated. In this review, we showed that NLRP3 inflammasome activation plays a vital role in inhibiting HIV entry into target cells via the purinergic pathway; IFI16 detects intracellular HIV ssDNA, triggers interferon I and III production, and inhibits HIV transcription; and AIM2 binds to HIV dsDNA and triggers acute inflammation and pyroptosis. Remarkably, by understanding these mechanisms, new therapeutic strategies can be developed against the disease.


Ekabe CJ, Clinton NA, Kehbila J, Franck NC




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