The treatment of chronic hepatitis C in HIV-infected patients: A meta-analysis


OBJECTIVE: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) disease progression appears to be accelerated in patients coinfected with HIV. The impact of HCV on coinfected patients is being realized as patients are now living longer. The objective of our study was to further elucidate incremental improvement and safety concerns with combinations of pegylated interferon (peginterferon), interferon and ribavirin based on data obtained from prospective randomized controlled trials. METHODS: A search of MEDLINE and the Cochrane database for material published between 1966 and 29 August 2005 and a hand search of abstracts from national meetings held between 2001 and August 2005 were performed. Trials comparing the use of peginterferon plus ribavirin vs peginterferon or interferon plus ribavirin were assessed. RESULTS: In six randomized controlled trials, 1756 patients were randomized. Sustained virological response was greater for patients treated with peginterferon plus ribavirin compared with patients treated with interferon plus ribavirin [odds ratio (OR) 3.00; 95% confidence interval (CI) 2.27-3.96]. This increased sustained virological response with peginterferon and ribavirin was found for patients with HCV genotype 1 or 4 (OR 4.40; 95% CI 2.75-7.03) and genotype 2 or 3 (OR 2.56; 95% CI 1.71-3.85). Sustained virological responses were also higher with peginterferon and ribavirin as compared with peginterferon monotherapy (OR 2.60; 95% CI 1.84-3.67). Severe adverse effects (OR 1.09; 95% CI 0.74-1.4) and withdrawal rates (OR 0.97; 95% CI 0.75-1.25) were similar between patients treated with peginterferon plus ribavirin and patients treated with interferon plus ribavirin. CONCLUSIONS: Patients with chronic HCV/HIV coinfection have a greater likelihood of achieving a sustained virological response with peginterferon plus ribavirin. The likelihoods of serious adverse effects and study withdrawal were similar.


Kim AI, Dorn A, Bouajram R, Saab S.




  • Population(s)
    • General HIV+ population
  • Co-infections
    • Hepatitis B, C


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