The use of comic books, graphic novels, and fotonovelas as a health promotion tool


Key take-home messages
  • Comics — including graphic novels, comic books, and fotonovelas — are one way to learn and teach about illness (1) as the reader can relate words and images to personal experience (2, 3).
  • Generally, comics focused on health can fall into two different categories: memoirs about personal health or an experience of illness, and comics that consist of instructional content designed for education (4).
  • The Undetectables Intervention utilized a comic book series alongside interdisciplinary adherence support teams and financial incentives to promote adherence to HIV medication with favourable results (5).
  • Fotonovela interventions demonstrated positive outcomes for several health conditions (6-8).
  • There appears to be a limited amount of literature describing how to design or evaluate comics for health promotion purposes.


The Ontario HIV Treatment Network: Rapid Response Service




  • Population(s)
    • General HIV+ population
    • General HIV- population
  • Engagement and Care Cascade
    • Linkage/engagement in care
    • Treatment
  • Prevention
    • Biomedical interventions
    • Education/media campaigns
  • Testing
    • Testing


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